How to Talk to a Loved One about Hearing Loss.

Have you noticed that your loved one is struggling to hear conversations or asking people to repeat themselves frequently? It can be difficult to bring up the topic of hearing loss, but it’s important to address it so that they can receive the necessary help and support. First, choose a good time and place to have the conversation. It’s important to have privacy and avoid distractions so that you can have a focused discussion. 

Next, start with your observations and concerns. Avoid accusatory language and instead express your worry about their well-being. Use “I” statements to communicate your own feelings and experiences. You can also offer to help them schedule a hearing test or accompany them to an appointment with an audiologist. This shows your support and willingness to help them address the issue. 

Lastly, be patient and understanding. Accept that it may take time for them to come to terms with their hearing loss and make the decision to seek help. Encourage them to take action but do not pressure or force them. Remember, addressing hearing loss is important for their overall health and quality of life. By approaching the conversation with love and support, you can help your loved one take the first step towards better hearing.  Suggesting that you both come in for a hearing exam is a great way to get them to take the first step.  Call our office to schedule a dual hearing exam for both you and your partner today.

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