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What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of ringing, buzzing, or other noises in the ears when no external sound source is present, often caused by underlying hearing damage or other health conditions.

Tinnitus therapy

Tinnitus therapy encompasses a variety of treatments and techniques designed to manage and alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, including counseling, sound therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy.

Online hearing test

Take a self-administered evaluation consisting of audio-based exercises to assess your hearing ability and identify potential hearing loss. This will give you a better idea of where you are currently at.

Meet Keith and Denise

Born in Pomona and raised in La Verne, CA Keith is a Board Certified Hearing Specialist practicing since 1999. 

He is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids which brings a unique understanding of personal communication challenges. His professional passion is partnering with all patients for their long-term hearing success.  His extensive professional and personal experience will be apparent to all who see him in clinic. 

Keith is married to Denise, and together they have 5 grown children and 2 grandchildren. He enjoys hiking, travel, live music and motorcycle touring.

Denise is a registered nurse with many years of experience working in hospitals, surgery centers and doctor’s offices. She likes helping people to be independent and the best version of themselves. She especially enjoys working side by side with Keith to improve the lives of patients and their families. It is very rewarding to see the difference that improving a person’s hearing can have with their ability to communicate and participate in everyday life.

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